Event June 25, 2019 – Breaking Bread: Dinner & a Non-partisan Political Discussion

It’s increasingly rare and difficult to have a real conversation about national issues that is productive and leads somewhere other than venting and outrage.  

This one will be different.  

Let’s take this Political Discussion to the Next Level.

I invite you to join me, Sthea Mason-Kapoor, TMCA Credentialed Mediator, for an expertly facilitated discussion over dinner.  As a third party neutral I will be there for the sole purpose of making sure the conversation is a productive one.

That said, I think you will really enjoy this unique experience.  You do not need to be an expert to participate but just have the desire to engage in a shared conversation, with no one agenda taking the forefront.  You will be able to fully express your beliefs from your personal and professional experiences and background without being interrupted. You will also have the opportunity to listen deeply to opinions very different from yours. Because of this focused exchange of ideas you may even come away better able to articulate your own beliefs.

Most importantly, by the end we all will be able to better understand the shared, and diverging, values and priorities present in the room.  We may find that there is a way forward despite our differences, and this conversation allows us to find our way in the otherwise contentious policy debates going on in our nation.  

Let’s do this with food.

Everybody needs food.  Preferences and habits about how we eat of course have very little to do with political divisions and so they provide opportunities for finding what we have in common.  That’s why I invite you to engage in this non-partisan political discussion on an issue of national importance while we “break bread” together.

More details are below.  RSVP now for this event and invite your friends and family members to RSVP.  Diversity of opinions will make the discussion even more interesting!

Discussion Topic: Making Ends Meet: How Should We Spread Prosperity and Improve Opportunity?  Using a non-partisan issue guide created by the National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) we’ll engage in a deliberative process to consider and weigh questions of economic opportunity which are so important to our families, communities and to our future.

When: Tuesday, June 25, 2019.  Please arrive between 5:30-6:00 p.m.  The restaurant has several reserved parking spots at the front and back of the building, and there is also free public parking along Main Street and in marked lots on Lampasas St. north and south.  Plan to gain the full benefit of the discussion by staying until 8:30 p.m.

What is provided:

  • Expert facilitation by Sthea Mason-Kapoor, TMCA Credentialed Mediator, to spark conversation, ensure ground rules are established and everyone gets a chance to express their thoughts.  
  • Complimentary appetizers will be provided for sharing.

What you bring to the table:

  • Willingness to engage in true dialogue by listening to others and also talk about your experiences.  
  • You may purchase entrees and drinks from the menu.

Where: This discussion will be held in the private “Vault” room at Nixtamal Tacos & Drinks on East Main Street in downtown Round Rock, TX.  Nixtamal offers tacos, burritos and appetizers inspired by authentic Mexican cuisine. They focus on using fresh ingredients to make dishes and specialty mixed drinks from scratch and to-order.  You can see their menu at https://nixtamal.net/.  

How to RSVP: The group will be small, so each participant will need to hold their place by registering now for free on Eventbrite (and just let me know if anything changes and you can’t make it).  Feel free to invite anyone you know and register them so I can get an accurate count.

If you’re not able to attend this event but are interested in attending future similar events, please subscribe to my email list to stay in the loop.

To learn more about NIFI which develops non-partisan deliberation guides and videos visit their website at https://www.nifi.org/