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Fees for Mediation

My fee scale is designed to make mediation accessible for all types of disputes.

First hour: $40 per party. (Generally, people living under the same roof are billed as one party, in order to make mediation services more accessible for co-habitants.)

Second hour: $80 per party

Each additional hour: $120 per party

Mediation in any case in which a law suit has been filed or where parties are required by contract to mediate before filing a law suit will be billed at a flat fee of $120 per hour per party.

Fees are charged based on the total number of booked hours of mediation with the same parties, even when mediation takes place over the course of multiple sessions or is finished early. All fees include, at no cost, any needed mediator preparation and background research prior to the meeting.

Booking Mediation

You are welcome to book multiple sessions as needed.

I offer both remote and in-person mediation sessions. Location depends on availability of meeting space and every attempt will be made to find a neutral, private space convenient to the parties.

Payment options

Payment must be received as soon as possible in order to hold the time open for you.

Check or Money Order made out to Via Services mailed to PO Box 5451, Round Rock, TX 78683

Paying with a Credit Card or Checking Account? Let me know and I will be happy to email you a PayPal invoice. You may also be able to pay with Venmo.